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Chapter 10 – Revolving Portals

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The Parallel Portals


Pauline was so apprehensive about what would be waiting for her in the depths of the dark ocean, she didn’t notice the strange sensation in her solar plexus. Marna gripped her hand tightly and she in turn gripped the wrist of the Viking merman, but when a mysterious, blue glow appeared above them, she found herself floating upwards; no longer in the mermaid’s body.

Once again in spirit form, she saw her Oversoul appear inside the dark bubble as a wisp of smoke. He soon shifted into human form and Pauline became unnerved by the look of alarm on his face.

“Doelanda, there is no time. Even though I am not supposed to assist you I must let you know that Joledo has infiltrated the portals.”

Pauline was still getting used to being called Doelanda, but this new name had her confused.


The Oversoul floated closer, after looking up…

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